Thank you

Thank you to Zoe who volunteers at our nursery, thank you for everything you do for us xxxfb_img_1482326163656


Staff Christmas Dinner

A big thank you to Adele Lynch and nanny Linda cooking our lovely christmas dinner today here at chester road and thank you to all of our guests for coming. We hope all the girlies at chester road enjoyed their yummy dinners.fb_img_1482325507850 fb_img_1482325504486 fb_img_1482325494325 fb_img_1482325491138 fb_img_1482325488563 fb_img_1482325477138 fb_img_1482325474272 fb_img_1482325471402 fb_img_1482325466442 fb_img_1482325461487 fb_img_1482325458558 fb_img_1482325455849 fb_img_1482325452680 fb_img_1482325450076 fb_img_1482325447437 fb_img_1482325444732 fb_img_1482325442318 fb_img_1482325439639 fb_img_1482325436966 fb_img_1482325434338 fb_img_1482325431569 fb_img_1482325428947 fb_img_1482325426175 fb_img_1482325423755 fb_img_1482325413667 fb_img_1482325411005

Our new pen pal

Chester Road- A card was delivered today from a lovely lady at New Oscott village saying thank you for our amazing Christmas hamper donations.fb_img_1482325002022 fb_img_1482324995902 fb_img_1482324992429

Staff christmas gifts

Look at our Christmassy hampers for our lovely staff here at Chester road!! Merry Christmas everyone xxxfb_img_1482324812602

New Oscott visit

Chester Road preschool children visited the residents at New Oscott Village to surprise them with food hampers. The residents had so much fun singing christmas carols with our children. Smiles all round ?⛄

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Seesaws Nativity

Seesaws Birmingham Nativity. A big well done to all the children that participated this afternoon in the production. I am quite sure that there were a few tears and lots of laughs. I am sure that you will all agree that the children and staff did us proud. Budding actors and actresses in the making. A huge thank you to all the staff, management and children who made it happen. Xxx xxx

Crafty Little Ones

Thank you to Crafty Little Ones (crafty caroline) for a great festive workshop today at Chester Road. Lots of craft, fun and giggles as always 🙂

Thank you to the girlies at Chester Road for staying behind tonight. Cant wait to see the children’s faces tomorrow ???15241885_839418206160488_8292191142770848106_n 15285072_839418172827158_7872108922836973009_n 15219579_839418156160493_1941748031965226787_n 15319133_839418132827162_8214571156346768375_n 15319158_839418092827166_1909235959741193292_n 15232133_839418059493836_8774733785462089964_n 15095572_839418042827171_841572148526600661_n 15219521_839418012827174_6247854736784423002_n 15203264_839417996160509_590074888427453927_n 15193687_839417962827179_5668443958644126497_n

It’s Christmas!!!!!!!!

Chester Road – Preschool children had lots of fun making their Christmas15250808_839204192848556_1859958402884221020_o tree decorations out of popcorn. Mmm smells yummy 🙂

Jeans for Genes Day

15027586_821953077907001_7489818268781099135_nThank you to all of our Chester Road parents and staff for helping us to raise £89.08 for Jeans for genes, we really appreciate your support.