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It’s our birthday!!!!!!!!

We have a duckling!!!

We have movement !!!

We have movement!!!

Look who’s arrived!!!!!

We have some visitors for the next 2 weeks. We have duckling eggs, the children will be watching the ducklings hatch and will care for them for the next couple of weeks ???


We are collecting sainsburys active vouchers!

We are collecting Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers!

So Mummies, Daddies, Nannies, Grandads, Aunties, uncles and everyone else!

If you have any Sainsbury’s active kids vouchers and you would like to donate them to us we would be very grateful if you could bring them in and pop them in the box which is kept in the main entrance.


Thank you for your continued support x

New carpet in our baby room

Events 2017

Thank you

Thank you to Zoe who volunteers at our nursery, thank you for everything you do for us xxxfb_img_1482326163656


Staff Christmas Dinner

A big thank you to Adele Lynch and nanny Linda cooking our lovely christmas dinner today here at chester road and thank you to all of our guests for coming. We hope all the girlies at chester road enjoyed their yummy dinners.fb_img_1482325507850 fb_img_1482325504486 fb_img_1482325494325 fb_img_1482325491138 fb_img_1482325488563 fb_img_1482325477138 fb_img_1482325474272 fb_img_1482325471402 fb_img_1482325466442 fb_img_1482325461487 fb_img_1482325458558 fb_img_1482325455849 fb_img_1482325452680 fb_img_1482325450076 fb_img_1482325447437 fb_img_1482325444732 fb_img_1482325442318 fb_img_1482325439639 fb_img_1482325436966 fb_img_1482325434338 fb_img_1482325431569 fb_img_1482325428947 fb_img_1482325426175 fb_img_1482325423755 fb_img_1482325413667 fb_img_1482325411005

Our new pen pal

Chester Road- A card was delivered today from a lovely lady at New Oscott village saying thank you for our amazing Christmas hamper donations.fb_img_1482325002022 fb_img_1482324995902 fb_img_1482324992429